Your Wedding Day At Cili Will Be Epic Regardless Of The Rain

Your Wedding Day At Cili Will Be Epic Regardless Of The Rain

OMG, It’s scheduled to rain on my wedding day? Your wedding day at Cili will be epic regardless of the rain.

Finding out it may rain on your wedding day can be the most dreadful news a bride and groom hears 3 weeks before, 10 days before or even the day of their wedding.

But let’s face it, we can’t guarantee a sunny day with a gorgeous sunset everyday of the year. The weather is one situation that the bride and groom have no control over when it comes to their wedding day. What happens if the weather forecast gets mixed up and the bright, sunny day turns into a rain storm? Only the bride and groom can let bad weather ruin their wedding day. But did you know that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck for the bride and groom? So before you sign off your wedding day as a total loss, look at Cili’s back-up plan for your wedding day in case it rains. Cili staff will take it upon themselves to make sure your wedding day will be epic regardless of the rain.

One of Cili’s most popular ceremony sites is the outside lawn that overlooks the 16th hole of Bali Hai Golf Club. The ceremony site has a large patch of grass that can seat up to 130 guests. The location lies atop a water feature with surrounding waterfalls and palm trees. Past brides say Cili Restaurant at Bali Hai delivers a wedding in paradise and nothing similar to the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip that it is conveniently located.

Cili’s Back-Up Plan for Your Wedding Day In Case It Rains

In the case it rains, Plan B takes place in the outdoor enclosed patio AND is every bit as beautiful as Plan A, which takes place on the lawn (set-up pictured above). In fact, several of our past Cili Couples have chosen the enclosed patio over the lawn for their ceremony from the start of the planning process.

Your Wedding Day At Cili Will Be Epic Regardless Of The Rain

Photo captured by Kelly McDaniel Photography, Las Vegas

The enclosed patio is a gorgeous ceremony/reception area with the entire side being open to the gorgeous Bali Hai Golf Club views. The patio is equipped with high ceilings and a large sliding glass door that opens to the outdoors. If need be, the glass doors close shut to protect the ceremony site if the weather does not cooperate.  Regardless, the views of the golf course are right at your fingertips and rain on your wedding day will be an afterthought.

Here is a fun fact for the day; did you know that most photographers prefer to photograph on cloudy and stormy days because the color saturation of photos are twice as rich verses photographing in brilliant sunlight? On top of that, the sun will not cast dark shadows on the subjects face and people are less likely to squint in the photographs.   So there you have it, quit dreading the rain because Cili has a back-up plan for your wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly. Interested in seeing more photos of the ceremony site? Check out our Pinterest page, click here. 

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