5 Las Vegas Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use

5 Las Vegas Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use

If I had a dollar for every beautiful tulle-wrapped bundle of Hershey’s Kisses perfectly placed next to my table setting that I forgot to take home with me due to an excessive amount of Cupid Shuffling, I would give that dollar right back to the blissful bride who likely spent painstaking hours prettifying those wedding favors. Now that I’m a bride-to-be diligently planning her own nuptials and doing research (or, let’s be honest, just perusing Pinterest) into the wee hours of the morning, I know that the average couple spends nearly $300 on favors that are, sadly, too often left behind by tipsy and/or absent-minded guests like me. Note to self: I owe those brides at least five dollars now, plus interest.

If you’re simply thinking of scrapping the favors based on the aforementioned facts, I wouldn’t blame you. But if you’re getting married at a Las Vegas golf course with some of the nation’s most breathtaking and downright iconic scenery, I think you’d be crazy not to up the ante, put that cash you could’ve saved right back into the proverbial slot machine that is your budget and bet on these clever (and wallet-friendly!) wedding favors your guests will actually use!


The glitz and glam of the strip is blinding enough, let alone you and your beloved’s undying love! And, quite frankly, the tropical tranquility of being seated outdoors within Cili’s Balinese paradise is decadent enough to be distracting as well. Give your guests a chance to grab a pair of cheap sunglasses before your bridal party is in queue, since you’ll want their full focus on you during the “I Dos!” I promise they won’t go to waste post-ceremony, either: Your family and friends will be sporting those bad boys on the dance floor and, since it is a Las Vegas wedding, possibly the next morning as they’re putting down a Bloody Mary or two.

Flip Flops


Ladies, can I get an amen for the amazing feeling of freeing our squished tootsies from six-inch stilettos after even a single spin on the dance floor? It’s quite heavenly, though the thought of boogieing barefoot amidst other stiletto-sporting women attempting the tedious steps of the “Wobble” as it’s played by the dynamic DJ (who is already included in each of Cili’s Las Vegas wedding packages!) is as frightening as the thought of spilling red wine on the bride’s gown. Set out pairs of simplistic sandals in varying sizes for guests to throw on before blisters begin and, though simple and inexpensive, you’ll be able to discover them in a glorious rainbow of colors that may perfectly match your wedding’s theme. (Hint: Stock up on the kicks your pals will be sporting the next day as they unwind at the pool or after a round of world-class golf on The Vegas Strip at Bali Hai during Old Navy’s annual $1 flip flop sale.)

Temporary Tattoos

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But some things can come back home with you, including late-night, spur-of-the-moment decisions in the form of some completely random ink you’ll someday have to explain to your grandchildren. Here’s a solution that’s wildly fitting for a Sin City celebration, yet much less permanent: Temporary wedding tattoos. They’re all the rage right now (trust me, I’m a Pinterest addict), and they can be completely customized by the artsy folks on Etsy to fit the theme of your unique nuptials. You can even get temporary tattoos of you and your new husband or wife’s FACES! Your guests can rock these in the photo booth (one of the many services available from our extensive list of southern Nevada bridal vendors!), to create evidence that they did, indeed, get a crazy tattoo in Las Vegas. Hey, it could be one that prevents them from heading to the parlor after too many sips of the sauce!

Golf Ball Marker

CW_ball marker
It’s a flashy, heart-adorned golf ball marker that looks exactly like a casino-style poker chip. If you can think of anything more fitting for a Las Vegas golf course wedding, please let me know. (Drops the mic.)

Tote Bag

You know what Las Vegas destination wedding guests love almost as much as your love for each other? Checking into their resort on The Strip and receiving wedding welcome bags filled with helpful swag, like hangover remedies, sunscreen, snacks and a handy-dandy guide to everything related to your nuptials. Bonus points if it’s a personalized, Vegas-themed tote bag that’ll let everyone in their hometown know they hit the jackpot by attending your soirée at Cili for years to come.


So, do you think any of these unique favors would be a hit with your wedding guests in Vegas? Sound off and share your thoughts with us!

Say I Do in Paradise.

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